Raven AI

Raven AI

The Mission

For more than 50 years, pipeline patrolling is completed by costly, time-consuming and dangerous manned aircrafts and foot patrols. After several plane crashes, exposure to toxic chemicals and other challenges, it is time for technology to step in. We are, therefore, leveraging the drone technology with our proprietary machine learning and computer vision software to offer a fully-automated end-to-end pipeline patrolling solution.

The Value of Raven AI

Added to the cost-effectiveness and safety provided by drones, Raven AI will create the following values to your operation:

Reduce your Patrol Costs

No need to send an army of people looking at pipelines with dreamy eyes. Just fly and our software takes care of the rest!

Reduce your Data Processing Time

No more hours spent compiling thousands of imagery to generate reports. We do that in-flight!

Optimize your Patrol Experience

No more pens, papers, binoculars or any other tool to detect and log anomalies. Feel our unique user experience interface!

Solution Overview

Fly your drone

First, you need to upload your pipeline map for the software to automatically lock on the pipeline and its corresponding right-of-way area. With this approach, patrolling underground pipelines is much more accurate.

Receive real-time alerts

Once an urgent observation is detected, an email alert containing the type of the observation, the time of detection and location will be directly sent to all stakeholders, promoting fast emergency responses.

Generate reports, in-flight!

When the inspection is completed, a professional report according to the regulators’ standards, is automatically generated on-the-fly and sent to all stakeholders for fast & efficient record keeping.

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