About Us

NAR is developing a Real-time Intelligent Aerial Inspection Platform, called Raven AI. The startup went through Speed@BDD, an accelerator program resulting from the collaborative effort between Lebanon’s leading investment funds and entrepreneurship support organizations. NAR was chosen among the top 2 of their batch and went through another acceleration program called Blackbox Connect, in Silicon Valley. NAR was also named by the International Finance Corporation and the World Economic Forum as one of the top 100 startups in the Arab world shaping the fourth industrial revolution.

The Vision

When it comes to the potential capabilities of digitized inspection, we believe we have only scratched the surface. We are on a journey to transform drones from simply flying cameras to flying intelligent solutions. Where every aerial device that takes the air will not only help pilots flag raw imagery but also, become every inspection pilot’s right hand. Because we believe, it is only then that we will truly revolutionize the inspection process by being more efficient, cost-effective and safer.


Our Partners

Speed@BDD is a Beirut-based startup accelerator that invests cash in top-tier companies in the MENA region. Speed@BDD is a collaborative effort between Lebanon’s leading investment funds and entrepreneurship support organizations (Bader, Berytech, IM Capital, Lebanon for Entrepreneurs, Middle East Venture Partners).

Blackbox is a global nonprofit committed to promoting equality of entrepreneurial opportunity through access to resources, mentorship, and immersive programs in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Leap Ventures was formed by a team of serial entrepreneurs, who have decades of startup experience under their belt. From failures to successes, bursting bubbles to valuable acquisitions, Silicon Valley numbers games to Middle East handshakes, we believe we have knowledge that can be of use to our portfolio companies.