What is NAR?

NAR is a tablet-based app that automates drone data management at a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional methods, enabling engineers and inspectors to focus on assessing the condition of assets. NAR is the first application that enables image labeling, organization, packaging, and sharing on the fly and in offline mode.

Is there an option to log data on a secondary touchscreen other than the pilot's touchscreen?

Of course! This could be done through a master/slave configuration of your DJI controllers. The first tablet could run any other software while the inspector is using NAR on the second one.


Can I add my own custom label before or during the flight?

You can add your custom labels before or during the inspection.

What output should I expect from NAR?

As soon as the inspection is completed, the results can be exported in either PDF, CSV, KML or RAW.

Can I add labels to or edit my images after the inspection?

Of course! You can even do that offline.


Is my drone compatible with NAR?

Only DJI drones (Before and After P4) are supported for the current moment. We’ll be supporting other drones in the near future.

Are my sensors (Visual/Thermal) compatible with NAR?

Yes, as long as the sensor is a DJI product. We are working to make NAR integrate with other types of sensors.

Is my tablet compatible with NAR?

NAR is compatible with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher. iOS Version is coming soon!

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